…how many colours did DC manage to beat out of Massa?

Coulthard is thankfully keeping up his blog on his own website this season and has posted an update following the opening race in Australia.

As with everything in life, there seems to be more to this story than meets the eye and he gives us an explanation as to why he was so angry at Massa’s move which many had blamed on DC, claiming he should have been able to see Massa in his mirrors.

Most of the current cars have there mirrors mounted out wide on the sidepods for aerodynamic reasons, and it was discussed in the drivers meeting on Friday that we all agree that this limits our close quarter visibility and we all agreed to be aware of this.

Unfortunately Felipe Massa wasnt in this meeting so our collision at turn one could have been avoided had he realised that once i started to turn in i was blind to where his car was. A more experienced guy in that speed of car would probably have waited on the run down to turn three where his superior top speed would have easily taken him passed.

It would appear from this quote that DC was a bit peeved Massa hadn’t turned up to the driver’s meeting at which  they discussed overtaking manoeuvres like the one which took DC out of the race.  There have been a few complaints lately about the mirrors on an F1 car, which seem to be there simply because they have to be to comply with the regulations rather than because they are useful to the driver, so it seems sensible that all the drivers know that every car is the same which gives them a better appreciation of their opponent’s blindspots.

Rather than using this to their advantage of course, it should offer a warning that if they happen to place their car in one of these spots then they are likely to be not seen and therefore hit.

Massa’s no-show at this meeting may be the real reason he tried the overtake, hence DC’s frustration at being taken out.

I think drivers can be derided and criticised if they don’t overtake at the first opportunity, but sometimes a driver has to take stock, realise he is in a quicker car and just be patient which is what Massa should have done.

I’m unsure as to whether he will actually have learned any lessons from this or not though, so perhaps DC has taught him a thing or two in another way!  The good news is that we won’t have long to wait to find out - both are due to appear at the first FIA press conference of the weekend at the upcoming Malaysia GP which has to go down as a very cunning piece of scheduling by the FIA!