In a somewhat frank interview, Michael Schumacher has pointed the finger of blame squarely at Ferrari’s Felipe Massa over his spin at the first corner of the first race last weekend.

Claiming that Massa was in too low a gear for the corner which in turn initiated the spin, he is also quoted as saying both DC and Massa were to blame for their coming together later in the race, but places more of the blame on his ex-teammate.

You have to say that David could have been a little cleverer about it, but there is no question that Felipe was the cause.   Michael Schumacher

Given his apparent closeness to Massa over the last few years, I’m a bit surprised that Schumacher has not only felt the need to say anything about these incidents, but that he has actually laid the blame at the Brazilian’s feet.

Most commenters seemed to think the accident was DC’s fault for turning in on Massa so whatever the reason for Schumi’s comments, it’s good to see that not everyone was blaming the Scotsman!