I was quite chuffed to see The Express making a proper apology to the McCanns this week.

Not because I think what they said was wrong - I haven’t got a clue what happened to the little girl, but for The Express to make the accusations they did was taking things too far without any evidence.

It’s not the story that got my attention anyway, or indeed the apology itself, rather it was the manner of the apology.

I’ve been harping on about this for ages and it’s nice to see a paper actually carry an apology out properly.  Normally the type of story that leads to complaints to the Press Complaints Commission or indeed the law courts, has been splashed across the front page and several pages inside too no doubt, yet any apology the paper is required to print is a small affair hidden away on an inside page which few will even notice.

This is simply wrong and does nothing to discourage the media from continuing to print stories which they don’t have much (or any) proof to back up.

So, given the coverage The Express have apparently give this story, it was a refreshing change to see that their apology was featured at the top of the front page.  Admittedly it didn’t cover the page as much as the initial story would have but I think we can allow them that.

The Express were wrong to print the accusations they did, but I think they should be admired for handling the aftermath in this way.  Fingers crossed that other papers will take note - and ultimately this will ensure The Express, and the other papers, will think twice before printing stories that have no foundation simply in the hope that the headlines will increase their circuation.