I’ve not been on a plane for a few months now, but the one thing I always liked about flying was that you knew you were pretty much guaranteed an hour or two (or three or four) of peace and quiet.

Admittedly there are sometimes rowdy passengers or kids or whatever, but on the whole it’s a nice quiet place to be - apart from those annoying announcements the cabin crew are forced to do over the loudspeaker, which can get a bit annoying.

But once I’m buckled in, iPod on and book opened then I’m a happy camper until it gets to landing time and everything has to be packed away.

That peace is about to be shattered though as it looks like using mobiles in planes is going to be given the green light.  Heaven help us!

Now we can look forward to people talking (or indeed shouting) all through the flight, with “novelty” ringtones going off all around us.  Oh, the joy!

I’m hoping that people will use their phones as and when they need to - as they normally would - but I fear that trapped on a plane with nothing else to do they will simply get bored enough that out will come the phone and everyone will have to listen to them chattering inanely with their friends.

Or worse, imagine being stuck beside some business people - every one of them trying outdo the others by talking louder about some mumbo-jumbo deal that they are trying to broker.

I’ve a feeling my iPod’s volume may not be high enough, noise cancelling earphones may be the way ahead!