April 2008

Manchester United are probably one of the best known football clubs in the world - this is mainly due to the fact that they are one of the richest and most successful.

Of course they aren’t the only football team in Manchester, with Manchester City also playing in the Barclays Premiership - so why are they less well known than their neighbours?

Well, mainly due to luck and money I would think but they haven’t ended a season at the top of the table since 1967/68 and of course it’s trophies which ultimately attract not only the best players and managers but also the financial backing which is critical in progressing the club.

The time has come and the strike is on.

I normally have some sympathy for the people who feel they are forced to strike - as unions are usually involved, it’s normal that all other avenues have been tried and tested with no success.

Employees will always feel they are worth more than the employer is willing to give, but in order to gain support by striking, the demands must be reasonable - and that’s where the strikers lose my sympathy in this case.

The Spanish Grand Prix is done and dusted, and it was a strange race with lots of retirements. Kimi Raikkonen is of course the big winner in terms of extending his lead at the top of the Drivers Championship, and his team have now taken control at the top of the Constructors table thanks to another one-two finish. Whether their current dominance can last remains to be seen, but at the moment it would appear they have a bit in reserve should McLaren or BMW bring the fight to them.

Another issue of the News of the World, another shameful lead story concerning someone in authority, some hookers and an orgy. No Nazi overtones involved or implied this time though.

The figure involved in this instance is Lord Laidlaw who is apparently a prominent Tory peer, although I must admit I’ve never heard of him in my life!

Now, because I’m not really interested in the private life of someone I know nothing about, I skipped past most of the story until I saw one thing which caught my eye.

It’s been 6 weeks or so, but Lost is finally back!!

Only in America at the moment (Sky doesn’t resume coverage until next week), but I have managed to see episode 9 by hook or by crook, ahem…

And it’s really good - since they have announced when the show is going to end it seems to have fairly picked up momentum with every show now progressing the storyline.

With some scenes now focussing on the future and life off the island it has brought a refreshing change to seeing constant flashbacks.  Obviously these helped flesh out the characters’ backstories, but it’s only now that we are looking to the future that things seem to be moving forward.

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