To turn the F1 spotlight away from the allegations levied against Max Mosley, let’s have a think about who may be leading the World Championships this time next week after the Bahrain GP is done and dusted.

As things currently stand, this is how the table looks :

  Driver Points
1st Lewis Hamilton 14
2nd Kimi Raikkonen 11
3rd Nick Heidfeld 11
4th Heikki Kovalainen 10
5th Robert Kubica 8
6th Nico Rosberg 6
7th Fernando Alonso 6
8th Jarno Trulli 5

Given how the points have been spread about in the opening two races, with six different drivers having visited the podium so far, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if we sayw yet more first-time visitors in Bahrain.

Whether that happens or not is unknown, but to be honest I’d expect Massa to come out fighting this weekend as he will be desperate to be able to dispell any talk of him leaving the team by claiming big points.

One thing that worries me about Massa though is that Ferrari have the opportunity to give him a fresh engine for the race given his failure to finish last time out, but they are reluctant to do so.  For me, this appears to show they are using Massa as a guinea pig to test their reliability which so far has been questionable - does this mean they are putting more faith in Kimi?  I don’t think many would blame them if they did!

Assuming the race is a bit more “conventional” than the first two, we should really be expecting Ferrari and McLaren to battle it out at the front.  With Lewis Hamilton enjoying a 3-point cushion, even a second place to Kimi would allow him to retain the lead but a Ferrari 1-2 could spoil that party.

Heikki Kovalainen has shown some pretty good speed so far this year, and but for some really bad luck with the Safety Car in Melbourne he could have been a bit closer to his teammate.  His four point deficit will be hard to claw back in one weekend barring problems for Lewis.

We saw last weekend that Kimi was fairly comfortable in the knowledge that he is a faster driver than Massa, otherwise he would have been more forceful into turn one.  Instead of which he happily sat back and allowed Massa to keep the lead, safe in the knowledge that his teammate would be stopping earlier than him so he would get past then.

We haven’t really seen the same scenario played out with the McLaren drivers yet and I’m looking forward to that happening - will Lewis be as confident or will he try to force his way through just in case he doesn’t get a chance later on?

With the BMWs being very good but perhaps not quite good enough if both McLaren and Ferrari are on their game, I reckon the championship lead will be between Hamilton and Raikkonen - this weekend at least.  All I’m hoping for is a decent battle between all four of their drivers as in the other two races one or other of the teams has been very good and the other a bit below par.

Now, who to pick for my Fantasy F1 team this weekend…