Imagine never being late with your e-mails congratulating people on their birthdays, or sending over that important document ahead of a deadline.

If you think this is an impossible dream, think again.  Google have conjured up some magic with the launch of Gmail Custom Time which allows Gmail users to send e-mails with a custom timestamp, even allowing them to appear to have been sent in the past.

If any arguments ensue then the recipient can check back their inbox and the e-mail will show in chronological order as if you really had sent it that day.

No more missed deadlines, no more falling out after you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday - just general confusion for the recipient who will think they are going out of their mind!

The downside is that Google will only allow you to send 10 of these e-mails every year otherwise the whole philosophy of time will end up being thrown out the window with people not sending anything at the time they were supposed to.

So use them wisely, and sign up for Gmail Custom Time today - it’s genius!