This past week, little has been said about the upcoming Bahrain Grand Prix, with most attention focussed on the allegations surrounding Max Mosley.

I’ve commented on a couple of blogs about this, but have refrained from writing anything here for one simple reason - I’m not 100% sure exaclty what I think should happen!

For a start, we don’t know all the facts.  Allegations have been made and some details have been denied, but in his usual “lawyer-speak” Max has only made the waters murkier rather than clearer in what he has released so far.

The allegations seem to broadly break down into two parts - his use of prostitutes, and that this use somehow included some roleplay involving Nazi-style influences.

From what Max has said so far, it’s hard to say for sure just what parts he is refuting.  It would appear to be just the Nazi side of things, but the way it’s worded it may in fact be the whole sordid affair.

What is alleged to have happened obviously didn’t have anything at all to do with motorsport, nor did it even take place on a race weekend.  Therefore any calls for him to quit because of this must be based on the fact that he has brought the sport into disrepute.

So, has he?

Well what he has (or hasn’t) done won’t put me off watching the F1 race this weekend, but then again I can’t think of anything that would make that happen!  I dare say there will be some people who do feel that way though - perhaps more casual viewers of the sport.

It’s maybe just me, but I don’t associate Max Mosley with F1 as such.  Yes he is in charge of the FIA who in turn are in charge of Formula 1, but they are also in charge of every other form of motorsport from drag racing, rallying and karting to World Touring Cars, rallycross and truck driving - all we’ve heard about it how F1 feels, what do the people from these sports think about it all?  Because F1 is on the TV every other week and is the best publicised form of motorsport, it can be easy to forget how farspread the FIA umbrella reaches.

To me, public F1 figures (ie those I feel who could be deemed to have brought the sport into disrepute by doing something wrong which was later made public) comprise the drivers, team principals, TV personalities and Bernie Ecclestone.  Perhaps it’s just me who doesn’t immediately think of Max when I think of F1.

That’s from a viewer’s point of perspective - obviously those within the sport will see things differently so I understand their attitudes towards what the man has been accused of.  The groundswell from within F1 seems to be leaning towards wanting Max out.

A lot of viewers and bloggers want him out as well, but I don’t think it’s because of these revelations.  Opposition to Max Mosley has been growing for years now, it just seems that this would be the perfect excuse to get rid of him!

I think, like Ron Dennis last year, the harder you push against Max the harder he will push back.  The more call there is for him to resign, the more he will resist it.

At the moment I’m also angling for him to resign - although I think what happens in private shouldn’t have much bearing on your working life, I suppose there has to be a line over which you can’t cross.  If the Nazi side of things cannot be proven to be false then for me at least that would lie on the other side of the line and should be his downfall.