Imagine in the old days (last year!) when F1 teams had a spare car at a race, Lewis Hamilton makes a poor start so deliberately cause a big crash at the first corner so that there is no choice but to red flag the race and for a restart to take place.

This would allow him to walk back to the pits, get in the spare car and then try again for a better start.

Ludicrous idea?  I think so.

Or what about in a game of football if a player goes down feigning injury just so the game will stop for a little while and he and his teammates can get their breath back?  Not quite to unbelievable as this happens all the time.  But what if he wasn’t feigning injury, what if he deliberately did hurt himself to help his team out?

Now we are back into ludicrous territory!

Or so it would seem…

Earlier this week, during a tennis match Mikhail Youzhny went a bit mental after losing a point.  Thankfully instead of taking it out on the umpire or someone else, he repeatedly hit himself on the head with his racket until the blood was running down his face - crazy stuff!

YouTube Preview Image

The umpire was powerless to do anything much about it and had to allow the doctor on court to patch him up.

I can’t begin to think what his opponent was thinking through all this - especially when Youznhy took his time getting the match restarted but then went on to win the match!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…