There’s no denying it, at 37 years of age David Coulthard’s best days are behind him.  Despite many other drivers carrying on well past this age, it would appear that F1 is a young man’s game now and DC will be bumped out of the picture probably sooner rather than later.

It’s unfortunate in my eyes as I think he still has a lot to offer Red Bull, or any other team.  It’s debatable, but I think had he been in a Ferrari during the first couple of races this year he would have given Kimi Raikkonen a much harder time of it than Felipe Massa managed to do.

There is no point in pondering on “ifs, buts and maybes” though so we need to focus on definites.

Contract talks will start around the summer time, as they do every year.  No doubt Fernando Alonso’s plans will be at the centre of attention as they were last year, which is to be expected, and his decision will impact on people elsewhere.

Red Bull have Mark Webber and DC contracted for this year, neither of which will be wanting to give up their seat voluntarily so they have to prove themselves worthy of retaining.

Webber has had his usual dose of misfortune but has still managed to rack up four points for the team.  DC has yet to score, and if the team base their decision on hard statistics then that doesn’t look good for the Scotsman.

He has been involved in some incidents in the first three races, which some may deem to have been his fault, but I think both accident he has had were unfortunate to say the least.

Views on his collision with Massa in Melbourne vary depending on who you talk to, but I think the majority lay the blame mainly at Massa’s door.  As for the accident with Jenson Button in Bahrain, I would have to blame Jenson there - although he seems to be blaming DC!

Jenson took a dramatic lunge up the inside of DC, who saw him coming and moved to the left but then when Jenson didn’t appear DC moved over to take the corner, only for Jenson to run into the side of him.  Jenson claims DC moved over and shut the door on him, but the video evidence seems pretty clear that Jenson had lost control of his car way before he hit DC - his Honda was pretty much sideways even before impact!

Whoever is to blame for incidents like these, DC simply can’t afford to become involved in them.  He needs to start scoring points if he is to survive for another year - which is obviously easier said than done.

Despite promising so much, Red Bull are still struggling to build him a fast and reliable car - but with so many other teams also having problems Coulthard has to ensure he is around to pick up the pieces when other people make mistakes or have an off day, otherwise I fear he will be seeking alternative employment next year.