A bit of a panic has set in.

I went for a run this morning - just over 2 miles and by the end I thought I wasn’t going to be able to put one leg past the other to get back through the carpark into the car!

On 15th June 2008, I need to be able to complete 10km as I’ve entered the Men’s Health Forum Scotland 10km in Glasgow.  It seemed like a good idea in January when I first thought about doing a 10k this year in order to force myself to go running - June seemed like such a long way off, almost half a year away.  How the time has flown by though and here we are just 9 weeks away from the big day!

In the past whenever I’ve had to focus on a day, I’ve generally just left things until then in the hope that it will all come good on that day.  I always hated studying and revising for exams for instance when I was at school and simply relied on just taking the exams as I found them on the day.  For whatever reason this generally worked out alright, but I know that this running malarkey is not something I’m going to be able to leave until the last minute and just expect everything to be okay!

So I thought I would have a little search aroung the internet to see if there were sites offering guidelines on how to go about upping the distance as the day approaches.  Obviously the 2 miles I did today is only about a third of what will be needed on the day, so improvement is needed.

I did indeed find some training schedules - but I wish I hadn’t!  They have scared the pants off me!

One that I found had a countdown of what to do each day from the 8 weeks to go mark, and it’s already more than what I’m currently doing.  The planning seems to centre around aiming for a time between 45 minutes and an hour - personally I don’t mind if I take 2 hours as long as I get round in one piece and preferably without having to stop and walk, so I’m clinging to the belief that even though I’m below this training standard at the moment, it doesn’t really matter.

Actually just checked the official site of the run and there is a much better looking (in other words, easier!) training schedule on there, so I’ll try to stick to that one as best I can.

The main objective now I think is to increase the distance everytime I go out, no matter if it’s by half a mile or whatever - and just hope that it will turn out to be enough come June!