I’m going to be running this 10k in June with my cousin, Kevin. Why should I have to go through all this pain and suffering on my own?

We ventured out for a walk this morning, thought we’d go for a longer distance but give the running a miss, so we covered seven miles at a slower pace than usual. Not much slower than our current running pace though!

Arrived back home feeling much better than I have done after any runs so far, despite the increase in distance - I actually think I could walk all day and not feel many deterimental effects. The same can’t be said of running though unfortunately!

Tonight we decided to meet up to do a few short, faster bursts to try to increase the speed element. After warming up though Kevin decided it would be good to see just how fast we can run a mile knowing we are just going to stop then. Reluctantly I agreed to try it out and we set off at a pace I knew we wouldn’t be able to keep up - big mistake!

We arrived back at the start exhausted after 6 minutes - and to think people can run these things over two minutes quicker, crazy!

That little experiment took quite a lot out of us but after a walk round the path to help regain our breath, we then decided to do a little bit of faster stuff.

We covered eight widths of the football pitch, sprinting across one width and then jogging back - that really takes it out of you!

When we are jogging a couple of miles, it’s the breathing part that seems to hurt us both rather than our legs getting sore - with the sprinting it seems to be the opposite. You can really feel your leg muscles working when you are trying to run as fast as you can, which I suppose must be doing some good.

Next run out is Tuesday morning, when we may up the distance to two and a half miles, just hope that extra half mile isn’t our undoing!