I’m not really one to judge someone else on their appearance, each to their own and all that, but sometimes people lay themselves open to criticism and I just can’t help myself.

Over the years the newspapers have been full of allegations regarding various bits of plastic surgery Michael Jackson is meant to have undertaken - claims he has almost always denied.  To look at photographic evidence however few people would accept this as the truth though.

However, it’s his life, his face and as long as he has the money to pay for it all which he undoubtedly does then I don’t see why it’s anyone else’s business.  He is a singer and having an operation on his nose or cheeckbones doesn’t affect his singing so why should there be a big palava made of it all?

With his recent court troubles, I’m sure he now wishes he had gone even further so that he really was now unrecognisable - would make his public life a lot easier!  But, speaking as a fan, even I think he’s gone too far this time - and the rest of the clan have joined in too :

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