Since the last update, we have been out running on Tuesday morning and again this morning.

Tuesday was meant to see us up the distance a bit to two and a half miles, but this wasn’t achieved - although not really because we couldn’t, rather because we didn’t want to!

Firstly, I’ve switch my Garmin over to show kilometres rather than miles as we were spending most of our time wondering how many km we had covered, so it made sense to start recording our distances using those units.

The weather was also horrible at 7am, really cold and wet so we cut our planned route short, and ended up doing 2km - but at least we went out and covered some distance. At that time of the day it’s really easy to talk yourself out of going at all if the weather is nasty!

This week has seen a change in our plan of attack. Last week we basically set off and ran until we couldn’t run any further - invariably this meant we started off really quickly and petered out towards the end. Over the weekend I got to thinking that this wasn’t the way to plan a longdistance race - fine if we were going for a fast time, but as we will basically be happy to get round I thought it best to change our approach.

So, Tuesday saw us try to pace ourselves right from the start. By aiming to cover each km around the 7 minute mark, it meant we were on for completing the distance in around an hour and ten minute mark which would be more than acceptable.

Although we only covered a relatively short distance that day, we both felt fine and able to continue by the time we decided to stop - not something that could be said on the other days!

Today we tried to same thing, but due to the lovely sunshine we were hoping to cover a further distance this time. Although the sun was out, at the early hour we meet up it’s still pretty chilly and there was a bitingly cold wind today as well - a bit easier to put up with when it’s not accompanied by rain though!

We covered 3.75km in around 28 minutes which is more or less on target with our aim to do 7 minute kilometres, so we were both pretty chuffed. Again, although we weren’t as fresh as we were at the start, we probably could have gone a bit further.

Each lap of the circuit we do, is approximately 1.25km so the aim is to cover another lap on Tuesday morning which would bring us up to 5km, half distance. It will feel really good to have assurance that we can indeed cover at least half the distance at that pace - then we just need to gradually add on distance until we know we are capable of covering the whole 10km.

What a difference a week makes - last week I was doubting I would ever be able to run 10km, but now I’m counting down the days until it actually happens!