TV award shows are generally to be avoided - a two-hour “extravaganza” with much backslapping among the luvvies.

And so it was that I managed to miss out on much of the BAFTA awards tonight, but still learned that ITV had won once more in the sport category.  Now this isn’t a surprise as they had three nominations up for the award against only one from the BBC.

However, it’s the nomination which won that caught my eye.  Was it for their coverage of the annual university boat race, or the Rugby World Cup?  Nope, it was for their F1 coverage of the Canadian grand prix.

This was the scene of Lewis Hamilton’s maiden victory, so perhaps it shouldn’t be much of a surprise - after all, ITV’s last triumph was for their coverage of Jenson Button’s first win.

With no new British talent coming through, and Anthony Davidson seeming increasingly unlikely to manage a victory, perhaps this is the real reason ITV have given up the F1 rights as they can’t see another BAFTA coming their way for the forseeable future!