44 fights, 44 wins.

You can’t ask any more than that - except 45 fights and 45 wins I suppose!

Joe Calzaghe is the best British boxer of recent years, yet if you asked someone to name a current boxer, I bet his name wouldn’t be on many lips.  The most popular would surely be Amir Khan as he is the one in the public eye most often.

Why doesn’t Calzaghe get this recognition, especially when you consider Khan has plenty of promise but hasn’t actually achieved much yet?

I can only think it’s all down to him, it’s all his own fault - he was born in Wales instead of England!

Over the last year or so, Calzaghe has entered the mainstream media a little more but unfortunately it’s looking like it’s going to be too little too late as he appears to be in the process of winding down his career with only one or two more big fights on the cards.

After all, why continue just for the sake of it and spoil that perfect 100% win record?