Is the production of the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace, jinxed?

In the last week, there have been reports of three accidents in the lead up to and during filming in Italy.  The first crash involved Bond’s Aston Martin DBS which ended up in Lake Garda after an engineer lost control while delivering the car to a media event.  I bet he felt a right muppet!

On hearing his story though, he is probably just glad to be alive.  After plunging into the water, he had to free himself from the car and head to the surface - a scene which wouldn’t be out of place in the Bond movie itself.

The second accident earlier in the week resulted in no serious injuries to the stuntmen involved, but when ordered to reshoot the scene, they ended up in an even worse accident!

The driver, Aris Comninos, is in a serious condition in hospital after fracturing his skull.

Let’s hope they have enough footage now to complete the scene without having to shoot it again or who knows what will happen next!

As is the way with movies, this scene was being shot by a second crew so neither director Marc Foster nor the main star Daniel Craig were in attendance on set.

Craig seems to be the kind of actor who likes to get stuck into whatever his character is meant to be doing, but thankfully he decided not to do his own stunts on this occasion!