Don’t get me wrong, I actually quite like Ted Kravitz - he is probably the second guy I’d like to see join BBC next year along with Martin Brundle.

But I have to take exception to something he has written in his post-race notebook article on ITV’s website.

Talking about Michael Schumacher’s appearance in the paddock at Barcelona last weekend, he states that Michael was apparently upset at some media coverage of his 8-year old son’s first outing in a kart. Now I can understand why Michael would be annoyed by this - if his son Mick does enter the motorsport arena, then the pressure on his shoulders is going to be unbelievable. Because of this, it seems a fairly reasonable request from Schumacher that the media leave his son alone for now until he decides whether this motorsport malarkey is really the path he wants to take.

There will be plenty of time for hype later on if he does indeed decide his future lies there, but then ITV are renowned for loving a bit of hype and self publicity.

By bringing up the subject, I thought Ted was going to have a sly dig at their competitors who had covered the story but no, instead he was actually mentioning it so that he could then boast that it was in fact ITV who broke the story in the first place!

I hear he’s angry with media outlets who have published stories or pictures of his son Mick making his go-kart debut recently in Spain.

Not wanting to blow our own trumpet or anything, but we broke this story about Michael’s son karting in Brazil 2006.      Ted Kravitz

Is that really something to be proud of? Personally I don’t think so - why would upsetting a multiple world champion be a good thing, especially over something fairly petty?

Anyhoo, I won’t hold it against Ted - this time anyway…