A bit harsh perhaps, but it’s how I feel about the whole affair at the moment.

For those not familiar with the story, Andrea Smiley of Paisley has appeared in court after her pet Alsatian was found dead in her home.

Neither Miss Smiley nor her dog had been seen for a while when neighbours noticed a strange smell coming from her flat. A telephone call to the police ended with them breaking down the front door, fearful that she could be lying dead inside - what they found wasn’t Miss Smiley, it was the body of her poor dog which she had left there to die.

This absolutely disgusted me - I simply can’t comprehend how anyone could do this to another living being, albeit a dog and not a human.

Having been locked up with no food or water, the poor dog tried it’s best to battle death by licking the condensation from the windows which really only prolonged it’s agony. Vets reckon it took the best part of three weeks to die, and had then lain dead for up to 10 days before she was discovered.

This is one of the most distressing cases Scottish SPCA Inspectors have dealt with as the dog suffered for a considerable time before she died.

Snowy had tried so hard to live. There were lick marks on the window where she had attempted to obtain some moisture from the condensation on the glass.

Andrea Smiley was living a short walk away and knew her dog was slowly starving to death. Snowy was lying in the flat waiting for her owner to save her. She suffered a terrible death. SSPCA spokeswoman

This woman should be given a taste of her own medicine, see how she likes being locked up with no food or water for a few weeks. Of course that will never happen and unfortunately it looks unlikely she will even be locked up at all - the most likely outcome is she’ll get a slap on the wrist and told she is not allowed to keep another dog. What a terrible punishment. Not.

What this woman put that poor animal through is beyond comprehension and no punishment is ever going to be harsh enough to do Snowy any justice.