Haven’t posted an update for a little while, but that’s not to mean I’ve not been out and about.

Since the last post which covered up to 17th April, we ventured out on Tuesday 22nd and Thursday 24th April - covering 2.5km each day.  Not very far I’ll admit, and we were a bit disappointed not to be increasing the distance so we decided that come Sunday 27th we would go all out to see how far we could go.

We had already walked the 10km distance one previous Sunday so knew the distance was no problem, it was just a matter of whether we could run it or not.  The plan for the 27th was to walk a lap of the park and then run two, walk one, run two and so on until we had reached the 10km target.  It seemed a better idea to do that rather than to simply run as far as we could and then walk the rest - by ensuring we were going to walk some early on and run some later I thought it would help with endurance a bit.

So off we set with great gusto, trying our best to pace ourselves and to be honest it all went reasonably well.  There’s no denying that we were knackered by the end, but we got to the end and that’s the most important thing.

We certainly didn’t break any speed records, as was to be expected when we were aiming to walk half of it - according to the Garmin and Sporttracks, we covered 10.82km (including a walk to cool down a bit) in 1:36:35 which is an average pace of 8:56 minutes per km.  The average obviously covers both the walking and running part so it’s hard to determine from that just what pace we are managing to sustain when in running mode, but the fastest km (hopefully one when we were running!!) was 6:01, but I doubt at this stage we would be able to be anywhere near that over a full 10km of running.

This has set a bit of a benchmark as we had nothing previous to compare it to and the plan is to try the 10km every weekend, building up the running part of it until we are capable of doing the full distance - then as the big day approaches, we will probably shy away from going quite to far in training, hopefully safe in the knowledge that we are capable of doing the deed on the day.

This week, we headed out on Wednesday and Friday rather than Tuesday and Thursday but it wasn’t quite as successful as usual!  Neither of us could really be bothered on Wednesday so a lot more walking and talking took place than running - in fact we only ran one lap of the park before calling it quits.  Some consolation can be taken from the fact that we still headed out and at least did something rather than nothing.

Friday saw us back to the more usual 2.5km, before we tackled 10km again today.  Of course it’s still a mix of walking and running, but we did manage to cover the distance a little quicker.  The warm down was a little shorter, so the distance covered was 10.46km in 1:32:04 which works out at an average of 8:48 minutes per km - obviously only slightly quicker overall.  The fastest km was 5:37 minutes which is almost half a minute than last week, which was a bit of a shock to be honest!

Going forward we need to do two things - firstly we need to increase the distance covered during the week.  Obviously we only have a set amount of time as we run before work, but another lap per day would only add ten minutes or so and would increase the total distance we are running to about 3.75km.

Secondly, on Sundays we need to cut back the walking and increase the running part.  And the walking we do resort to has to be done quicker - currently we dawdle round drinking some water and basically trying our best to delay having to start running again!

If we can cut back on the amount of walking we do, and increase the pace of any we do resort to then the 10km time will be falling pretty rapidly I think - or would like to hope anyway!

On the day we are hoping to do the run in 1:10:00 which is an average pace of 7:00:00 per km, and hopefully that’s not too farfetched a target - but to be totally honest we’ll just be happy to get round without having to walk any, that’s the real aim.

Another week down, only six weeks to go!