It has to be said that David Coulthard has been lacking luck in the last few races.  He has been very unfortunate, with his disappointing results being down to bad luck rather than a lack of talent or ability, in my humble opinion at least.

This weekend as we look ahead to the race things are looking a bit different.  He has again qualified behind his teammate, but at least he made it through to the last section to end up in the top ten.  Given the relative performance of the pair, I’ll be surprised if he isn’t running with a lot more fuel than Webber and therefore his position at tenth is a little artificial.

As usual, it’s imperative that he makes a good start and steers clear of any trouble - something he’s attracted in the first few races.  He has done half the job already though by qualifying near the front of the grid.  The people up this end are intent on scoring wins, podiums and points rather than those further down the grid who are just trying to finish as high up the order as possible, and therefore have less to lose if they happen to be involved in an accident.  Hopefully DC will be able to keep ahead of this group and the other top ten drivers will be a bit more careful around the corners!

The first corner could be a bit tasty tomorrow with both McLaren drivers wedged in between Massa and Raikkonen in the Ferraris - will everyone be happy to keep station and go through the first few bends in that order?  I’m not so sure!

Kimi has had some pretty decent starts this year and may be thinking he can leapfrog a McLaren or two, but then again the silver cars are pretty nifty off the line as well (when they operate their engine map system correctly anyway!).

Massa is awesome around this track and it may be that Kimi Raikkonen will be happy enough to settle for second to him in order to stretch his lead over Lewis Hamilton - although it all depends on whether he has the chance to pass the McLarens either on the track or in the pits.

For Lewis, it’s pretty much imperative that he finishes the race, and finishes it high up the order - a podium is the least he can be happy with if he is to keep a title challenge on track.

Heikki is also in need of a decent run, even if it’s only to reinforce his confidence after his big accident last time out.  He is six points behind his teammate in the Drivers Championship, despite seeming to be the quicker driver over the last couple of race weekends so he does need to transfer that apparent advantage into points so he can catch up a bit.

The big surprise for me during the last couple of qualifying sessions has been Nick Heidfeld - I’ve not really seen any explanations for why he has been so much slower than his teammate.  Of course we may see in the race that he us carrying a lot more fuel than Kubica which explains his slowness, but I don’t think it’s just that.

The really annoying thing for me is that even on a Saturday night after qualifying, we still don’t know who is the fastest driver.  In the good old days, everyone went out on similar fuel loads and basically went as fast as their cars would allow.  The time sheets would then tell you without doubt which car/driver combination was the best on that day at that track, but now we simply haven’t got a clue.

Please FIA, please listen and make the change - sometimes a step back isn’t always a backwards step.