I was pretty proud to be Scottish on Tuesday and Wednesday due to the pre-match coverage of Rangers fans who had travelled down to Manchester to follow their team in the UEFA Cup Final.

The scenes on the news showed them behaving impeccably and while it must have been a bit of a pain for the locals to have so many extra people in their midst, I’m sure they pretty much welcomed them with open arms given their behaviour at that point.

By Thursday morning all that had changed.  I felt ashamed and I’m not even a Rangers fan.  How must the innocent fans feel?

Scottish football fans are renowned the world over for being well behaved - yes, they like a drink or six, but they are usually the life and soul of the party without becoming the boozed up idiot everyone tries to avoid.

It has taken years for us to build up that reputation, but only one night for a handful of supposed Rangers fans to destroy it.

The first reports of the trouble which followed the Final hinted at it being mainly due to over zealous action on the police’s part, but by all accounts these accusations are wide of the mark.  Some of the CCTV footage of literally hundreds of men chasing a handful of policemen up a street are simply unbelievable and something noone should be proud of.  I doubt the idiots who think it okay to behave in that way will have the sense to be ashamed though.

That they then vented their frustration and anger on innocent passers by just totally beggars belief.

No longer will we be viewed as the guests every tournament organiser wants at their party.  No doubt it will impact on any bid Scotland puts in to actually host an occasion like this in future - and the sad thing is it may even impact on England’s chances of hosting a World Cup any time soon.

There will be an enquiry or two into this whole fiasco to see where the main area of blame lies - which is pretty simple, it lies fairly and squarely at the feet of those lunatics who caused all the damage - and what lessons we can learn - how about not allowing people to drink alcohol solidly from 10am in the blazing sunshine?  12 hours of constant boozing coupled with extreme sunshine (we are Scottish remember, so not used to it!), is only going to lead to trouble.