I normally hate the Monaco GP as it tends to be incredibly boring - despite it being hyped as the “best” race on the calendar - but today was superb.  If ever a circuit was the ideal place to install a sprinkler system to spice races up with a light dusting of rain then this is the place.

A wet track seems to sort the drivers out into two camps - those who have luck in abundance, and those who couldn’t buy a slice of good fortune with all the money in the world.

Today, two Brits were in the different camps.

David Coulthard has had a simply horrendous run of luck so far this season, and could have been forgiven for thinking he was due a change this weekend but it was not to be.

First Fernando Alonso managed to hit a patch of excess water which pitched him into the barrier, however he managed to continue with only light damage.  A pitstop for new wheels and tyres was all he needed to allow him to continue.

DC wasn’t so lucky of course, with the Scotsman also hitting the same patch of water but his car collided much harder with the wall and disintegrated as it always seems to do.  Coulthard was followed into the barrier by Bourdais in the Toro Rosso, which was a doubly whammy of bad luck for the Red Bull family.

It was important that DC started to turn around his bad start to the season sooner rather than later, ideally at Monaco this weekend, but he is going to have to wait another couple of weeks at least before he manages to score some points.

Lewis Hamilton was another man who needed a good result this weekend.  Obviously his year has gone better than DC’s, but he has different expectations as he his hoping to be up there challenging for the title.  A win this weekend would see him closing the gap to those ahead of him, but a non-scoring race and maximum points for his Ferrari rivals was his worst possible result.

As it was, Lewis also managed to clatter the wall early on but was on the side of the fortunate ones who managed to effectively get away with it.  A swift visit to the pits for some fuel and a new set of tyres saw him on his way once more.

Not only that, but the timing of his stop later meant that his second stop just happened to take place just as the switch from wet to dry tyres was the right thing to do.  The forescast kept insisting rain was to put in an appearance again, but it managed to stay away therefore the whole thing setup perfectly for Hamilton.

Later his team claimed the change of tactics was intentional and had worked exactly as planned but I don’t really buy that - it was mainly down to luck!!

So, we had two drivers who both collided with the barriers - one who would go on to finish up winning the race because of his accident and another who would fail to finish at all because of his.

Everyone needs a bit of luck from time to time, but McLaren and Hamilton’s failure to accept that irks me a bit.  He will go from Monaco with praise ringing in his ears, a glittering career stretching out ahead.

Coulthard on the other hand, will head to his Monaco home with the words of the doubters rattling round in his head - according to them his career is over, other younger drivers could be doing a much better job than him, etc.  I could see the point if he was making stupid mistakes which were down to his age, but really all that’s happened to him this season so far appears to have been simply down to bad luck - chances are it would have happened no matter who was in the car.

I can understand that perhaps team bosses don’t think like that, and if a driver is racking up a huge bill for repairs as DC has been lately then perhaps they are well within their rights to be asking some questions and looking at alternatives.

The only way to silence his critics is for Coulthard to start building up a pile of points in the coming races - and for that he is going to need a huge change of luck.