June 2008

It’s seems like an age since I bought my Canon 400D, but it’s only been about 6 months.  Due to other, more pressing matters though, I’ve not really used it very much.

A subscription to Digital Photo magazine has given me lots of food for thought on the ideas for things to try out when I do get time to give it a proper test drive.

One thing which caught my eye, was a technique to jazz up your pictures which were taken on overcast days.  As hard as it is to believe, we have a few of those each year up here in Scotland so I thought I would try it out with a picture of my own rather than using their templates.

I wasn’t going to mention anything publically just yet, but apparently the newspapers are onto the story so I feel it’s time to come clean.

I’ve been asked to record the theme for the next James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

Hmm, maybe not but it seems everyone else has been linked to it!  First I seem to recall rumours of Take That having a pop at writing it, then it was Leona Lewis or Amy Winehouse and now apparently it’s going to be either Duffy or Jack White.

What a combination!

With rules prohibiting the use of moveable parts in F1 for the forseeable future, could this end up meaning that road cars leave their racing counterparts behind technologically speaking rather than the other way round?

It should never come to this obviously, but with the current freeze on engine development, it may be we see great strides taken in road cars during that period which the manufacturers can’t evolve on the track as well.

Let’s think about this logically.

A year or so ago, Fern Britton was a well known, well rounded lady.  She started to look a little thinner and thinner until it was noticeable she had lost a significant amount of weight.

The general public who until that point had applauded her for being proud of being a bigger lady, now applauded her for her amazing weightloss.

Personally, I didn’t think or applaud anything as it doesn’t really bother me either way, nor is it any of my business.

The main focus of attention after the Canadian GP was on Lewis Hamilton, which is a bit of a shame as it should really have centred on the men on the podium.

Nick Heidfeld did admirably well to manage a second place for BMW, but even he was in the shadow of his teammate Robert Kubica who managed to pull the German manufacturer’s maiden GP win out of the bag.

As if that wasn’t enough, David Coulthard managed to put his dismal start to the season behind him long enough to take the third spot on the podium - a well deserved return to form in my book.