Let’s think about this logically.

A year or so ago, Fern Britton was a well known, well rounded lady.  She started to look a little thinner and thinner until it was noticeable she had lost a significant amount of weight.

The general public who until that point had applauded her for being proud of being a bigger lady, now applauded her for her amazing weightloss.

Personally, I didn’t think or applaud anything as it doesn’t really bother me either way, nor is it any of my business.

But the public, the Heat readers of Great Britain, they needed to know how Fern had managed to do this.  As far as I can tell, she never actually said what she had done other than to say she was getting more exercise and eating healthier than she ever had.

People put these things all together and assumed these two added up to the new slimline figure - without any prompting from Fern herself.  At the end of the day, she is just someone off the telly so she doesn’t really owe the public an explanation - there’s no need for her to provide a running commentary on her private life.

All was well until a Sunday newspaper found out that she had had a gastric band fitted, hence the sudden weight loss, although I’m sure the exercise and healthy eating is helping too.

Shock, horror and everyone is up in arms about the whole thing - all her supporters seem to have turned their backs on the poor woman.

And I haven’t got a clue why.

Has she cheated anyone, lied about anything?  Not as far as I can tell, and nothing I’ve read has included any quotes that she has said in the intervening year which would incriminate her - and I bet they have been looking for them!

I’ve read that her Rivita adverts were misleading - well yes, that’s true but then they aren’t meant to be documentary-style footage.

What has happened, and this hasn’t really been Fern Britton’s fault, is that people have been under the impression she lost a lot of weight by exercising and eating healthily.  So, anyone wanting to copy her should have been trying the same and if they have been then surely that’s a good thing and not something she should be hounded out of the country for?

Now she has admitted having the band fitted, the press claim it could be dangerous as others try to copy that too.  Well, firstly that’s perhaps the very reason Fern kept quiet about the whole thing - she was free to choose that option if she wanted but didn’t want the added pressure of thinking there were others out there doing the same but for the wrong reasons.

She couldn’t really win as far as I can see - if she had owned up at the very start there would have been a similar outcry as there has been lately.  Her critics would be up in arms about why she feels the need to change, why isn’t she happy to be the way she is any more?  She would have been tossed aside as being a traitor to the larger women of the country.

At the end of the day, she did what she thought was best for her and went about it in the way that she thought was best for her family as well as the public.  No matter what she did, a section of the population would have thought it wrong.

People seem to forget it’s her life and nobody else’s, so let’s all get off our soap boxes and let her get back to work.