Hmm, last post was on 18th June 2008 - almost a month ago, and I feel a bit ashamed at the lack of action!

Don’t really have any excuses either other than the fact I’ve just been lazy of late.  Well, we did eventually move house, but I can’t blame that for almost four weeks inactivity.

So what’s happened in the intervening period?  Well, for a start the spacebar on my laptop appears to be about to give up the ghost so apologies for any words running into each other - I think I’ve caught any so far, but some may slip through.  Pennies are tight so this thing has to last me a few years yet!

Speaking of pennies, Apple’s announcement of the 3G iPhone has meant there’s another addition to the growing gadget wishlist.  I’m awaiting news of O2’s upgrade policy, but as I received a new Sony Ericsson just a few months ago then I doubt I’ll be getting one of Apple’s new babies any time soon.

Speaking of which, what determines the things we like?  I really want to know how I was lumbered with liking really expensive things like computers, gadgets and cars.  Why couldn’t I have been assigned to hanker after things like staples or paper clips?  That way I could buy thousands of those for just a few pounds at a time, instead of being constantly disappointed and down in the dumps because everything and anything I really want costs way more than I’m going to be able to afford in it’s lifetime?  As soon as something comes close to my grasp, something else has come out to replace it which is even more desirable and twice the price - therefore once again outside my reach!

Humph.  If I had money then I’d be a marketing man’s dream as I’d buy everything he tried to sell me, but as it is I’m his worst nightmare - I want to buy everything but end up buying nothing!

Credit Crunch is a pain in the backside.

While we are on the subject of pains in the backside, Amy winehouse has been in the news of late. She really annoys me that woman.  For a while there it looked like she was in a pretty serious state in hospital, but then you can never know just how bad someone is from the media - a seriously ill star helps them shift copies so it’s not unheard of that they will embelish the story slightly.  I was really hoping she wouldn’t do something silly like die, either from the illness or some drug mishap - not because I’m a fan, but because I’m not.

Think back to people who have died in the past - such as Kurt Cobain, James Dean, Elvis and so on.  No doubt they were all talented people but had they lived a full life and died of old age then I doubt they would be held in such high regard at the moment - there’s no denying that dying relatively young is the best career move you can make.  Imagine if Michael Jackson had died just after Bad came out - Thriller or Billie Jean would have been made the American national anthem by now!

If Amy does shuffle off, then we will be subjected to all sorts of nonsense so fingers crossed she manages to keep herself going - and the same goes for that other waste of space, Pete Doherty.

Continuing on the theme of wastes of space, just what is up with Big Brother?  I used to follow it pretty closely but haven’t watched it so much in recent years.  I find if you avoid the first few episodes then it’s easy to pretty much blank out the whole series and can feel superior and sneer at those who are hooked.  But if you allow yourself to watch just 10 minutes then that’s you addicted.

This year’s contenstants seem to be the craziest bunch yet.  Definitely not people you would want to spend 13 minutes with never mind 13 weeks.  The trouble for me as I’ve watched them this last few nights is that I’m also readind Dead Famous by Ben Elton which is set around another TV show just like Big Brother in which one of the contestants gets murdered - unfortunately I get a bit mixed up at times and think it’s one of the real BB contestant’s who has been murdered, only to turn it on and be disappointed that Jennifer and Bex are still alive and well.

Marco Pierre White is currently on the TV - is he the least likeable man on the telly?  Not sure why, but he really rubs me up the wrong way - I bet he’s a complete arsehole.

And finally, on to the upcoming British Grand Prix.  I wish I was going now, but as I haven’t found any tickets in the house, I’ll have to accept that I’m not!  From a completely selfish point of view, I really do hope that this isn’t David Coulthard’s last GP at Silverstone as I’d love to see him drive one more time - ie if he’s still there then I’ll be getting tickets next year.  I read somewhere that he hopes to be at the Race of Champions again this December as it’s at Wembley again, but that it all depended if it fitted in with his schedule.  Now, if he’s retiring then surely he won’t have much of a schedule in the lead-up to next season will he?

Next year sees big changes to the rules so it is possible that even if he loses his race seat then he will be kept on in some sort of testing role - haven’t heard anyone else mentioning that so perhaps it’s a no-go, but I thought it made a bit of sense.  Hopefully he will still be racing out on the track though as I think he still has some miles left in the tank.

Unlike the rest of us given the price of petrol these days.

The main focus of attention as usual though is Lewis Hamilton.  I remember when Jenson Button was the greatest British hope that he was slated for doing to many offtrack activites but he got up to next to nothing compared with Lewis.  He seems to be on every second advert during the breaks in the Grand Prix, as well as attending a multitude of promotional events (both promoting his sponsors and indeed himself).  Had to laugh the other day when he said he was cutting things back a bit and making sacrifices by not attending his aunt’s birthday celebrations!!  What a twit.

Good luck to the boy though.  As he has found out with the media of late, things can turn around very quickly so perhaps he is right to make hay while the sun shines, just in case it doesn’t shine for very long.

As long as he produces on the track then he will be allowed to do whatever else he wants without too much hassle from people, but there are will be a huge line of people ready and waiting to say “I told you so” should he mess up with his driving (as has happened lately).

I find it strange that last year when people were saying nice things about him, Lewis didn’t comment, but this year when people like Sir Jackie Stewart have said a few slightly negative things about him, he has felt the need to come out and publicly tell them to mind their own business.  His mind seems to work in a completely different way to mine, and I’ll never understand him I don’t think.  He insists he is mentally tough and unbreakable, but we will see.

Before I go, just one small thing on the tennis.  Andy Murray did exceptionally well - his rather lengthy game on Monday obviously took it’s toll as he looked knackered right from the start against Nadal which was a shame.  The thing I like best about tennis is that there’s absolutely no need for any commentary during the match itself - all the talking is done when the players aren’t actually playing.  Is it unique in that aspect?  I think snooker may be similar in that they rarely talk while a player is taking a shot, but it’s certainly a refreshing change from football, F1, etc.

Anyhow, that’s me about up to date with what’s been going on in my head lately - hopefully I’ll be posting a bit more regularly from now on!