I said yesterday that I hoped Coulthard would continue for one more year just so that I could go and see him race one more time, but my appeal fell on deaf ears as today he announced his retirement as from the end of the year.

Gutted that I didn’t get Silverstone tickets now, but with the new house etc something had to give and unfortunately that was what was cut back!

It was from a purely selfish viewpoint that I hoped he would continue anyway, and I can understand him wanting to get out before he is forced to - who knows, perhaps he would have been pushed anyway as plenty of people seem to think he is too old and accident-prone.

Whatever your opinion, most would agree that while he perhaps didn’t have what it takes to be World Champion - certainly not against a certain Mr Schumacher - he has been an excellent driver none the less.  With a bit more luck and perhaps a few less morals I personally think he could have won a title or two himself.

But without those morals he wouldn’t have been the DC we know and admire.

He may not have a Driver’s championship trophy to polish in his old age, but at least he will grow old with the peace of mind that can only come with having not only given his all and tried his best, but that he did it the right way.

Good on you DC, and all the best for the future - I’ve a feeling it’s not the last we will see of you.