It’s not often that a Grand Prix won by a huge margin is ever considered a classic, or potential classic but that has definitely been the case with this year’s British Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton strolled home in the rain over a minute ahead of his nearest rival and there is no doubt that he easily deserved his victory.  While seemingly everyone else in the field span off the road at least once, Hamilton managed to pretty much keep it pointing in the right direction.

Doctorvee reckons it’s worth having to listen to Hamilton’s postrace drivel, just to be able to witness a race like this - while I wouldn’t go that far, it certainly was a very, very good piece of driving.

Two things strike me about Hamilton’s attitude afterwards.  Fistly, this was yet another outing for his “my best race ever” speech, last heard at Monaco - seemingly nothing was going to top that day, but apparently Silverstone did (and perhaps every subsequent win will too?).

Secondly, he has today confessed to being honoured and indeed humbled to be compared to greats from the past such as Jackie Stewart and Ayrton Senna. The people making these comparisons are the exact same people who were perhaps a little more critical or circumspect in their opinions of Lewis a week or so ago - and what was Lewis’s reaction to their opinions then?  He said he didn’t want to know what they thought, that they could keep their opinions to themselves and if he really did want advice from anyone he would ask one of his other friends such as Will Smith and the like.

You can’t pick and choose Lewis!

As has been said quite a bit lately, you have to take the rough with the smooth.  The press have been kind until lately, and he has loved every monute of it - the minute it went wrong, the tone of the coverage was always going to change and his team of advisors (ie, his dad) should really have been expecting it.

By and large, the driving hasn’t been too bad - and at the end of the day, he is an F1 driver, so if he tries to concentrate on that then everything should work out okay.  Ultimately, he needs to find some consistency - both in his driving ontrack and also in his comments offtrack.

More of the Silverstone-type stuff and he won’t be far away come the end of the season.