DC appears to like dropping hints about his plans without giving the whole game away.

His press conference following an unexpected podium in Canada sounded awfully like a farewell speech of sorts although this was denied at the time, however it has subsequently turned out to be just that.

Now when asked about his future outside of being an F1 driver in an exclusive interview with formula1.com, he has stated that a life in the media may lie ahead :

Also on the side of the media, I can contribute a lot, as I have the knowledge of what its like inside a team.

If that’s not a clear indication of a move to be part of the BBC’s commentary or presenting team then I don’t know what is.  Some people are already not happy at the thought of him being there, but personally I always find what he has to say interesting, insightful and to the point.

He calls a spade a shovel and that has got to be better than Mark Blundell talking utter nonsense before and after every race hasn’t it?

In fact, given DC’s interviews with Louise Goodman over the last few years his involvement would almost make it worthwhile keeping her on as well!

The Beeb are rightly taking their time in announcing their line-up - there is still a long way to go until the start of next year after all and they have their hands full with the upcoming Olympics and then the start of the football season.  who will make the jump from ITV can only be guessed at - perhaps none of them - but it’s certainly looking like DC will be there in some capacity.