Football supporters can happily walk around in a replica of their favourite teams shirt - or even personalise it with a name and number on the back so that their support of a favourite player can be displayed to the world.

Supporters of other similar sports, such as rugby, can do the same thing but there are some sports which make this incredibly difficult.

Golfing fans can only really get away with wearing a shirt like Tiger Woods may wear out on the golf course unlike a footy fan who can wear his Manchester United shirt every minute of every day if he wants to.  With Wimbledon just gone, how many replica Nike shirts have been worn around the streets with people showing support for Federer or Nadal?  Not many I would bet.

But these clothes are available in the shops - you can literally buy the same shirt, shorts and trainers as the stars you see on TV.  You can even buy the same racket as Federer, or indeed the exact same set of golf clubs Tiger uses week in, week out - although admittedly at a price.

Some sports make this side of things incredibly difficult - F1 for example.

Take the new influx of fans flocking to the sport because of Lewis Hamilton.  I would imagine the majority to be football supporters, used to buying whatever their idols wear - and what is actually out there on offer?  Sure there are t-shirts but they are at best just what the drivers wear outside of the car, ie when they aren’t actually racing - will that be enough to satisfy the fans?

Now, I’m not saying F1 fans should be like rally fans who tart up their Subarus and Mitsubishis to look like their rally counterparts - after all, I’m sure it won’t be quite so easy to make an A-Class Merc look like Hamilton’s F1 car!

Caps, t-shirts, flags etc are of course mainly used to not only generate income for the teams, but to also maximise the exposure of not only the team brand but also their sponsors.  I’m sure if McLaren can say they are selling X million t-shirts per year with their title sponsor’s logos all over them then that will help attract new brands to the team.

So, we know what is available at the moment - and most teams are putting out the same merchandise - but if you could have anything, what would it be?

What is the ultimate piece of F1 merchandise?

A lot of the things which people would want are restricted to very low numbers and are incredibly expensive - old cars, steering wheels and the like.

Personally, if I got the chance of one I wouldn’t refuse an F1 car obviously - would look great mounted on a wall in the house - but if I could have my pick of anything at all, I think I’d like one of DC’s helmets.  To me, he has been the driver that I’ve followed pretty much since I really started getting interested in F1 - I watched it beforehand, with Damon Hill, Schumacher etc but never really had a great affinity for anyone.

Having someone “local” changed all that and now I love the sport.  Having seen pretty much every one of Coulthard’s races, it’s going to be weird to watch them without him next year.  Supporting a driver rather than a team means that the ultimate piece of merchandise I’d like on display at home would be something from him rather than a car or piece of bodywork.

The most distinguishing thing about a driver is his helmet and I think DC’s really stands out - there’s certainly no mistaking him for someone else as can be the case with other driver’s colour schemes.

Being Scottish, the colour scheme itself may have something to do with it as well!

As with cars, helmets must be incredibly hard to come by.  Having visited the David Coulthard Museum a couple of times, I know how many the drivers go through, but I think they hold them in quite high regard personally too so don’t give many away.  The Museum certainly has more than it’s fair share on display!

But, if anyone can sort me out with one given this is his last season so opportunities are running out, then contact me and I’ll be eternally grateful!!