Yes, I have been lazy in not posting for about three weeks but I’m back and it will never happen again I promise (bear in mind that promises made on a blog are not binding).

It was reported all over the place today that Peaches Geldof has got married.  Now, it’s polite to wish people well in such circumstances but I really couldn’t care less to be totally honest.  Had she not been the daughter of Sir Bob Geldof, I wouldn’t even know her name never mind what she does - in fact, what does she do? I really have no idea.

All I know is what the papers tell me, and that goes as follows - her dad has done his best to bring her up properly and will be mad if she gets into drugs and ruins her life.  So what is she pictured doing in the papers a short while ago?  Yep, she is linked to not only buying and taking drugs but she also goes one better and has to receive medical attention after apparently suffering a “bad trip” which almost kills her.

Apart from the drain on the NHS, again I’m not too fussed.

Suggestions in The Sun today are that she has married a man she apparently met only a month ago in order to gain attention.  There are also hints that the drug taking is also with attention-seeking in mind.

So, let’s get this straight.  A newspaper has a story about Peaches splashed over their front page as well as a couple of pages inside just so they can criticise her for attention-seeking?  Muppets - without them she wouldn’t have any means of seeking attention so they are playing right into her hands.

Presumably they think she was sitting around one day, moaning about not being in that day’s papers so gets to thinking about what she could do to put that injustice right.  She then puts the plan into motion, safe in the knowledge that when the story leaks out (probably on her command) then she will be back in the public eye.

Here’s a thought, when you find out she has done something stupid just to get in the papers, don’t print the sodding story and we will all be happy.