Our BMW 120d is in for some repairs this week, and 80 miles in the Fiat Punto courtesy car have left me with things I’m already missing from the BM…

  • The ability to accelerate…at all…
  • Automatic wipers.
  • Centre armrest.
  • Any sort of feeling in the brakes, the Fiat’s are spongy to say the least.
  • 6th gear.
  • Computer which informs your mpg, miles left in the tank etc.
  • iPod connector.
  • Reassuring “thunk” when you close the doors.
  • Rear parking sensors.

Having this car for a week may be the best thing that could have happened - was trying really hard to ignore the want for a new car, but having this Punto may remind me what a good car we already have in the 120d.