September 2008

Formula 1, the supposed pinnacle of motorsport and technical excellence is in danger of becoming a shambles.

Not only do we have a governing body in the FIA who do nothing to dispell the notion that they are corrupt and happy to fix the championships, we also have a couple of teams and drivers who are doing everything in their power to not win either championship.

During the gig at the ABC on Friday, Fran Healy did his fair share of chatting between songs - as he always does.

Of course, he mentioned that their new ablum Ode to J Smith was up for release this week and hoped we would like the new material as much as the band did.  They seem really excited about this new record which is good to see, and it’s a shame that due to fashions and trends it’s unlikely to be heard by any large number of people due to a lack of airplay.

One word - Wow!!

I’ve seen Travis quite a few times now and in venues of varying sizes, and for my money they are simply unbeatable live.

They may not be the most fashionable band, in fact I’d go as far as saying it’s now strictly unfashionable to admit you are a Travis fan but I would gladly go and see them play every night of the week.

The criticism normally levied at their albums is that their music is too soft, too safe and too samey.  Anyone thinking like that should go see them live, they will rock your socks off!

After the Italian GP at the weekend, I wrote about how I felt Lewis Hamilton took a few unnecessary moves with his style of driving during the race.

Obviously if you want to win then you have to take risks, but these moves don’t really fall into that category - they weren’t daring lunges up the inside to pass people, they were what I would consider fairly simple yet inconsiderate driving incidents.

Given Hamilton’s track record with the stewards, I would have thought it in his best interests to stay well clear of any controversial incidents but that just doesn’t seem to be his way.

What a difference a week makes!

An unexepected visitor to the top step of the podium often comes as a result of a certain set of lucky circumstances - but today Vettel’s win was anything but lucky.

Okay, some would argue that had Hamilton, Raikkonen and Kubica made it through to the last segment of qualifying then there’s a chance he wouldn’t have started on pole position but the truth of the matter is that unlike some qualifying formats of old, all drivers were on the track at the same time and therefore had the same opportunities.  Vettel simply did a much better job than everyone else yesterday and that continued today in the race.

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