The people who know most about what it is like to drive an F1 car are obviously the drivers themselves, so it’s always interesting to hear their take on situations that arise in the sport.

In fact, since the Hamilton incident at the weekend I’ve been looking forward to reading David Coulthard’s next ITV column which should touch on the subject - and of course Mark Webber’s column for the BBC.  The good thing with either of these drivers is that they usually say exactly what needs to be said with no pussyfooting around being overly politically correct.

However, both have been beaten to the punch by none other than Felipe Massa.

Some will argue that Massa has a vested interest in this being Kimi’s teammate as he is, as well as the fact he inherited an unexpected (and undeserved) victory.  Personally I didn’t pick up anything untoward in the blog post, but I’m sure some people probably can read something into certain parts.

As viewers, we only get to see the sport from the outside and for only a couple of hours every fortnight or so, but there is so much other stuff going on which we only very rarely get an insight into.

I seem to recall last year when Hamilton was accused of some dodgy driving behind the Safety Car, it was later revealed that some things had been said in drivers briefings which Lewis had obviously either ignored or simply forgotten.

From what Massa says in this post, it would appear something similar may have happened in this case also.

Incidents like this have often been discussed in the official driver briefings when it has been made absolutely clear that anyone cutting a chicane has to fully restore the position and also any other eventual advantage gained.

If Lewis had taken the chicane correctly, he would never have been able to pass Kimi on the very short straight that follows it. That was my immediate opinion after seeing the replay. Maybe if Lewis had waited and tried to pass on the next straight, that would have been a different matter.  Felipe Massa

I think it’s pretty clear from this that the drivers should be aware of what is required in this situation.  Although for us mere mortals the rules may appear to be vague and open to interpretation, if the drivers have been told exactly what the stewards are looking for then I think there’s even less excuse for falling foul of these rules.

As I said before, Massa may not be the most reliable of sources for this information given he is a Ferrari driver, Kimi’s teammate and also Hamilton’s main title rival so I still await further word from the likes of DC and Webber.

Given the next race is only a few days away, I am pretty certain every interview with the drivers and other team personnel will include a question or two on this subject!