As was pointed out in the comments of the last post, none other than Niki Lauda has come out in support of Lewis and his driving in Belgium.

In the interest of fairness, let’s see what he has to say for himself.

He was on the outside, and then let him (Raikkonen) by, which is the rule.  Niki Lauda

Is this the rule though?  This is what I’ve been considering to be the crux of the matter - it’s the general feeling that all Hamilton had to do was allow Kimi to regain the place, but from what others believe he should have basically also opened up a little gap behind Kimi as well - or at the very least waited a corner or so before attempting to pass again.

This may sound stupid, and I know plenty of people think it is, but it seems to be the basis for the penalty being handed out so I’m assuming this is the rule as it stands.

Lauda does indeed have 3 Championships under his belt, but of the two Massa is the only one who has been at drivers briefings this year and so should know what is said therein.  As I hinted in the previous post, I wouldn’t normally consider Massa a hugely reliable source but at the moment it’s all I have to go on.

While I don’t necessarily agree with Lauda on his reading of the Hamilton incident, I do agree to a certain extent with how he thinks the public will have perceived things.

it’s really bad for the sport because people watching will not watch any more because of this stupid decision.  Niki Lauda

Whether the penalty should have been handed out or not, it’s not done F1 any favours.  Of course, if the penalty really is deserved then it’s right that it was handed out - no matter how bad it may seem for the sport any cheating or rule-breaking must be penalised.

However, if a subsequent appeal overturns the verdict and the penalty is reversed then that’s the stage for much bigger questions to be asked.