I was at Tesco in Carlisle the other day and became involved in a bit of people-watching.

Beside the carpark, they have a pretty big recycling area with skips or enclosures for pretty much everything you would ever want to get rid of - from glass and plastics to clothes and cardboard.

As a relative youngster with hopefully a good few years ahead of me, I’m trying to bear the need for recycling in mind and always assumed that the main users of these places would be people of a similar age to me.

How wrong I was if that day at Tesco was anything to go by.

Having watched people for a good hour or so during the day, the youngest person pulling up laden with bags of plastic, cans, bottles and paper must have been about 50 but the vast majority were so old they actually struggled to make it from their car to the recycling bins!

At the same time as keeping an eye on these people I was also reading the paper, so while I saw a good few elderly people heading for the bins I hadn’t actually seen any come back to their vehicles - I was starting to get worried that there was a big skip in there marked “Old People”.

Not sure what they would have made from them mind you…