Formula 1, the supposed pinnacle of motorsport and technical excellence is in danger of becoming a shambles.

Not only do we have a governing body in the FIA who do nothing to dispell the notion that they are corrupt and happy to fix the championships, we also have a couple of teams and drivers who are doing everything in their power to not win either championship.

There’s not a lot more can be said about the FIA.  Personally I don’t think they are deliberately trying to impede Lewis Hamilton and McLaren - why would they?  I’m sure that having Hamilton as the F1 Champion would do wonders for their publicity after all - plus Bernie and Max seem to think the winner should act as their puppet in promoting F1 around the globe and as we have seen in recent times, Hamilton is more than happy to do anything at all if it’ll get him some publicity and a few quid.

The trouble is there is next to no transparency within the FIA or their courts.  It’s the same in other sports too though and although there must be a reason for keeping everything to themselves, I really can’t see why that would be.

I’ve seen it said so many times about football for example - the referee makes a wrong call and gives a penalty only to be ridiculed in the media for days afterwards.  Fans hear no explanation so they are raging for weeks to come, however much of the bad feeling could be avoided if the ref came out after the game, held his hands up and said “From my viewpoint it looked like blah-blah, however having seen a replay from a better angle I can now see I shouldn’t have given the penalty.”  Okay it may not change anything, but showing that the referee (or steward in the case of F1) is a human makes a bit of a difference in my view.

Perhaps not after every decision, but if a statement was issued after anything controversial then although it wouldn’t necessarily satisfy the fans of the penalised driver or team, it may go some way to pacifying the neutrals.

As for Hamilton/McLaren and Massa/Ferrari, why does neither driver or team seem intent on winning this year?  Both drivers (and also Kimi Raikkonen) have made countless mistakes this year, and the same can be said of their teams.  Some could be argued as being bad luck, or the result of a certain set of circumstances coming together ending in disasterous consequences but really teams and drivers of this stature should not be making this type or errors.

In a “normal” season we have one or two drivers who challenge for the title, and although that is still pretty much the case this year it’s not because of the usual reasons which is that only one or two guys are winning races.  In the 15 races to date, we have seen 7 different winners - which works out at a different guy on the top step of the podium at every second grand prix.

Of course Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton have shared out most of the remaining 8 races between them which has resulted in them being fairly close going into the final 3 races.

Had McLaren and Hamilton got their act together then they could have been miles ahead of Massa and Ferrari or vice versa.  So why is it that both of these driver/team combinations have had dismal years as far as errors and mistakes are concerned?

I can’t answer that, and I think it would be hard for anyone to put their finger on it.  With neither team seeming to have stopped the errors from coming, I can only assume they don’t really know the reasons themselves.

A lot of people will complain should Massa win the title, that it was due to the FIA taking Hamilton’s win off him at Spa but if Hamilton doesn’t win then I think both he and McLaren will have to look within themselves for the reason why they lost it.  Similarly, if the roles are reversed then Massa and Ferrari will have the same questions to face.

In fact, both teams and drivers should be asking the questions anyway so that next year will hopefully be a bit more consistent and less error strewn.  A championship for either driver and team will surely just be a trophy which papers over the cracks underneath leaving them still present and in need of repair.

I’m not really sure why, but I get the impression that Ferrari may be the best at accepting they have done wrong and seeking a solution.  Massa has made no secret of the fact he has learned a lot from working there, especially in his time alongside Michael Schumacher which I see as him simply being honest about the need to be forever improving and learning.  Lewis Hamilton on the other hand gives the impression that he doesn’t accept he can do wrong himself - and I also get the impression that McLaren have done nothing to try to alter his perception on that.

Some would argue that he has to think like that to get the upper hand on his opponents, but I disagree and see it as a weakness rather than a strength.  It certainly doesn’t seem to be earning him any friends in the paddock.

Either way, I’m not really too bothered who wins - and I think this is the first year I can say that.  Last year Kimi came from nowhere and I was kinda pleased that he managed to snatch the title when noone gave him a hope.

This year it seems to be destined to be between Hamilton and Massa, and despite their protests to the contrary, I don’t think either of them deserves it.

The race for the 2008 Formula 1 Drivers Championship is hereby cancelled, we’ll try again next year.