October 2008

This weekend’s race sees more than the usual amount of high-profile departures from the sport - some welcome, and some not so.

The most notable for us here in the UK, is that this will be ITV’s last race covering F1.  While most viewers won’t shed many tears at this news, we do have quite a bit to thank the broadcaster for.

I feel I should be writing about the upcoming final GP of the season in Brazil, but I’m not sure what there is left to say to be honest.

Looking at the bare facts, Lewis Hamilton is in the same position as last year with a 7 point lead heading into this final race but in actual fact it’s all different.

Firstly, last year he had had a much larger lead in previous races which had dwindled away due to huge mistakes on the part of Hamilton and his team whereas this year he has actually increased his lead on the way to this race.  That must put him in a much better place mentally.

Portsmouth Football Club lost their manager, Harry Redknapp over the weekend when he was lured away to another job.  This obviously caused a bit of a headache for Portsmouth’s Chief Executive, Peter Storrie, who was tasked with finding a replacement manager.

Of course, it’s not easy to decide on the right man - and to find one that is available etc, so Mr Storrie was taking a sensible view on things.  This is what he had to say on Sunday :

We won’t rush into appointing a new manager.     Peter Storrie, Portsmouth FC Chief Executive

Firstly, I’d like to make it clear that I didn’t listen to Russell Brand’s show which has caused all the rumpus this week - which means I’m in pretty much the same boat as most people who have complained about it.

I first heard about this at the start of the week, over a week since the show was broadcast, and at that point only two listeners had lodged complaints - and neither of them were actually about the Andrew Sachs phonecall.  Later yesterday, that figure had increased to around 1,500 and it’s now totalled 10,000.

Was in Ikea the other day, wandering about when a guy with a couple of young kids confused me a bit.

His youngest girl was playing up, lifting stuff she shouldn’t have been touching and the like - as kids do - so he was trying to give her a bit of a talking to, which he did by calling her name.


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