I like sleep, always have and probably always will.

But since getting our kitten, Daisy, I haven’t been getting as much as I used to due to her insistence that someone gets up to feed and play with her whenever she wakes up - which is usually a good hour or two before I’d ideally be liking to waken.

However, it’s not all bad - in fact being up and about an hour earlier hasn’t affected me as much as I thought it might.  In the past, a lack of sleep has always made me grumpy with a longing all day for an early night so I can catch up straight away but that all seems to have left me now.

Except for today, today I just want to go straight to bed and stay there for a week.

This isn’t all Daisy’s fault however, as the weekend turned out to be a bit mad.

Friday night saw me getting to sleep probably around midnight only to then be up to watch qualifying for the GP in Japan at around 5.30am.  Of course Daisy provided that early morning call!

I’m a Keane fan and as they were playing an in-store gig to launch their new album in Glasgow on Sunday night, Kirsty and I were interested in attending.  However, it was a wristband-only event and to get entry you had to pre-order their new album Perfect Symmetry in person at Zavvi in Buchanan Street.  So it was that we headed off for Glasgow straight after quali on Saturday to secure wristbands just in case they had all gone by later in the day.

That night again saw me getting to sleep around midnight only to wake even earlier on Sunday for the GP itself at 4.30am - an alarm was needed for that time, and it was good to finally be the one waking Daisy for a change!

After the race had ended I headed to bed for a nap - which actually lasted almost 5 hours!  Once you are asleep you have little control over how long you sleep otherwise I wouldn’t have wanted it to last so long - when I woke I felt even worse than I did before I went to bed!

The reason I felt I should sleep was because the in-store was at midnight, in Glasgow and therefore a good couple of hours from home. No problem being there in time, I was more worried about how I’d feel when driving home!

The gig went very well, was strange seeing them in that environment and with such a small crowd.  It was also good to see them up close when they signed our albums as well - just wished I had remembered to take the Everybody’s Changing CD I bought the first time I saw them in 2003!

Even the drive home was pretty uneventful, and the fact I was concentrating so hard on not sleeping or even feeling tired meant when I got to bed I found it hard to sleep - typical!

I was up and about on Monday at my usual time and didn’t really feel tired very much - it’s hit me now though!

With the Chinese GP taking place this coming weekend I’m grateful that it’s at the slightly more respectable hour of 6am and also thankful the early starts won’t be compounded by another late night run to and from Glasgow.

Of course, if Bernie gets his way all these far-flung races will take place at night local time so they will be at lunchtime in Europe, but personally I wouldn’t swap the early starts for anything as it just adds to the excitement and drama especially when they are at the start and end of the season.

Here’s hoping for a Chinese GP with action to match that of last week’s GP from Fuji!