Last weekend was a total disaster for Lewis Hamilton, despite his assertions that he has taken a load of positives from it - yeah right.

But despite this, perhaps it was actually a good thing as far as he is concerned.

It’s very easy to say that in such-and-such a position I would do X, Y and Z however if it’s all hypothetical then I can never know for sure what I would do.  Once that situation presents itself I may not actually carry out my X, Y and Z plan as I had thought I would, instead opting to go for the A, B, C approach.

In hindsight it may be obvious to me that this was definitely not the way to go, and that if I’m in that situation again I really should just stick to my original X, Y and Z plan.

In Hamilton’s case, X, Y, Z was to keep his nose clean, let Kimi do whatever he wanted and to just make sure he stayed ahead of Massa.  However although he talked the talk before the race, once the situation presented itself he actually decided to take Kimi on and almost took them both out.

Nobody knows what goes on inside his head, I for one have given up trying to second guess anything he may be thinking as it seems an impossible task, but the memories of last week must surely be so fresh in Hamilton’s mind that he can’t help but do the exact opposite this week.

For this reason, I think he will actually stay out of trouble and do what he has to do this weekend - perhaps not enough to win the title in China, but enough to at least ensure he has a lead going to Brazil.

This is only a valid argument though if Hamilton genuinely is capable of learning from his mistakes though, and I’m not sure we’ve seen much evidence to back this notion up!

Whatever happens, I’m really looking forward to the race tomorrow and the start in particular.  No matter what he says beforehand, given his terrible start last weekend, Hamilton will be an absolute bag of nerves on the grid and with Kimi having little to play for I would favour him into turn one.

Assuming he has learnt something from Japan, Lewis should let him go - the fireworks will start if Massa or Alonso also manages to somehow squeeze past too, and part of me really wants to see that…