Was in Ikea the other day, wandering about when a guy with a couple of young kids confused me a bit.

His youngest girl was playing up, lifting stuff she shouldn’t have been touching and the like - as kids do - so he was trying to give her a bit of a talking to, which he did by calling her name.


It doesn’t take much I’ll admit, but this had my brain spinning.  How can a 2 year old girl be called Denise?   Surely noone under the age of at least 35 has a name like that?  I’ve no idea why I think that to be honest, but it just seems that certain names are suited to people of certain ages - obviously due to those names being popular and hence common at a certain point in time, which will end up being cyclical with names coming in and out of fashion.

At the moment there are an abundance of Britneys and Kylies who will be old at some stage but at the moment when I hear those names, I immediately think of someone under the age of 10.  When these are all collecting their pensions, who knows what the youth of the day will be called - probably Gertrude, Elsbeth, Harold and Herman no doubt.

It’s a funny old world.