November 2008

Could the manufacturers of washing liquid please note that we don’t need a little plastic container that goes inside the washing machine with every bottle that we buy?

Just one, once, is more than enough unless you are stupid enough to throw the container away before you buy a new  bottle of Ariel or whatever is your preference.  Obviously the simple answer is to do just that - but I don’t really like waste, especially when it’s so unnecessary.

I’m done with the Lewis Hamilton bashing - well until the next time he does something I don’t agree with at least!  ;)

However, in the last couple of weeks there has been growing speculation that he may put in an appearance at the Race of Champions in December as teammate to David Coulthard in the F1 Racing team, something which DC himself was keen to happen (it would certainly help his chances of winning surely!).

For some reason I’m in a bit of a reflective mood at the moment, thinking about my lot and being thankful for what I’ve got, and indeed what I’ve had, in my life.  There may be more posts in the same vein in the coming days, but first I want to write about someone special.

My uncle Stuart has Down’s Syndrome.

I was going to say he suffered from it, but to be honest I don’t think he does.  Of course, there are things he can’t do which other people can, but he is not as badly affected as others so is able to live a relatively normal life.

Wow, that race today was simply phenomenal!

Firstly, congratulations to Lewis for stumbling over the line to take his championship win, but yet again both he and McLaren seemed to be doing their best to throw it all away.  The funny thing with Lewis is that if he decides to forget what he needs and just go for the win then things don’t seem to go his way for one reason or another, but similarly when he tries to drive for what he needs then he tends to come up short.