Wow, that race today was simply phenomenal!

Firstly, congratulations to Lewis for stumbling over the line to take his championship win, but yet again both he and McLaren seemed to be doing their best to throw it all away.  The funny thing with Lewis is that if he decides to forget what he needs and just go for the win then things don’t seem to go his way for one reason or another, but similarly when he tries to drive for what he needs then he tends to come up short.

The post-race chat on ITV included a few people from McLaren who assured us viewers that Lewis had driven well and that he deserved the title, but I still don’t see how they can argue that he deserves it any more than Massa - not that I think the Brazilian has had an amazing year, rather that I don’t think anyone has had a season like that.

Nothing that I’ve seen from Lewis this year has endeared me to him any more - I’m not going to support him simply because he is British, he has to give me reason to support him.  Yes, he has had some really good drives but so have Massa, Kubica, Vettel and Alonso.

At the moment I feel really sorry for Massa - not only did he do what he had to do by winning the race, he crossed the line so far ahead of Lewis that for a good time it looked like he had also won the championship.  To have those highs, followed by the incredible low of hearing that it wasn’t so must have been incredibly hard to bear - not to mention he still had to go up onto the podium and then into the live press conference.

I’ve no idea how that must have felt, but he seemed to handle it as well as anyone could have done.

I also feel sorry for DC as he was so intent on finishing his last race that for him to barely make the second corner must really annoy him.  I dare say he will get over it, being the levelheaded type but it’s still a shame - the way the race panned out it wouldn’t have been outwith the realms of possibility that he could have scored a point or two.  He might even have beat Hamilton  ;)

So, that’s it for another year.  Next year is going to be strange, with no DC on the grid although the rumours are we’ll still be seeing him on our screens.  The big decision to ponder over the winter is who to support from now on though - another driver, or perhaps a team?

As I get to thinking about that, Lewis Hamilton today reinforced the old saying that it’s better to be lucky than good…