I’m done with the Lewis Hamilton bashing - well until the next time he does something I don’t agree with at least!  ;)

However, in the last couple of weeks there has been growing speculation that he may put in an appearance at the Race of Champions in December as teammate to David Coulthard in the F1 Racing team, something which DC himself was keen to happen (it would certainly help his chances of winning surely!).

However, I didn’t hold out much hope as for whatever reason McLaren seem a bit overprotective of their Boy Wonder.  I remember before he appeared on Top Gear that the BBC had to get special permission for him to be seen driving something that wasn’t a Mercedes (unless that was just gossip) so perhaps the sight of him driving rally cars and allsorts at Wembley wouldn’t fit in with his various contracts.

Anyway, it has been announced that although Lewis will appear at the event he won’t be competing.  Rather than put his title as the fastest driver in the world on the line, he is instead going to be effectively driving against a man on a pushbike.  Even when that man is the fastest cyclist in the world, Chris Hoy, it’s still equivalent to 2.5 horsepower up against probably 300-odd, so it looks like a fair fight!

No doubt one of the things which has made this possible is that Hamilton/McLaren will be able to choose which car he drives (I’d put money on it being German, but not a VW, Audi, Porsche or BMW…) - and as I said previously it’s a race he should win but even if he doesn’t it can all be passed off as a bit of a fun challenge.

I’ve got mixed views - firstly I think it’s good that he is going to put in an appearance in front of the 80,000 British crowd, but I still feel a bit let down that he won’t be doing what he should be doing and that is racing the likes of Jenson Button and Michael Schumacher in equal machinery.

The real kick in the teeth is that one of the highlighted items in the news report I saw was that Hamilton would be finished his demonstration in plenty of time to make it up the road to Liverpool where the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year is taking place on the same night - to me, that would indicate where his/McLaren’s priorities lie…