Could the manufacturers of washing liquid please note that we don’t need a little plastic container that goes inside the washing machine with every bottle that we buy?

Just one, once, is more than enough unless you are stupid enough to throw the container away before you buy a new  bottle of Ariel or whatever is your preference.  Obviously the simple answer is to do just that - but I don’t really like waste, especially when it’s so unnecessary.

They would possibly argue that they don’t know when people are buying for the first time and when people are repeat purchasers - surely the answer there is to never give away a container, but instead to sell them seperately.

As inexpensive as I’m sure they are to produce, having one with every bottle must add to the price therefore they could reduce the cost of the product which would be welcome no matter how small the saving - plus they could effectively charge whatever they like for the little container (within reason).

I’m pretty sure companies are being encouraged to reduce waste and unnecessary packaging etc so this could even earn them brownie points with the government and everything, therefore we all win.