When I was a youngster, I used to head off to the library every week and come back laden down with new books.  No matter how many I borrowed, they would always be read and taken back by the next week.

Over the years, the number of books I have read has dwindled away though.  Every now and again I would pick up a book and rediscover the joy of reading a good book which would prompt me to start another as soon as that one was finished.  However, this would only last a short while before I had lost the habit and returned to my lazy ways.

So it has been decided that 2009 will be the year I return to the books.  I’ve set myself the target of reading 30 books this year, which is just over one every couple of weeks so over the year it should be manageable.

It’s just as well I decided on this as I received 10 books for Christmas!  As well as these, I’ve got a bit of a backlog of books I’ve bought and not got round to reading.  I think I’ll be fine until I hit one that’s a bit heavy going, then my momentum may be tested.

The Now Reading section over on the sidebar appears to have given up the ghost so to keep a tally I’ll post about each book I read - not a full-blown book report as such, unless it deserves it, but I will mention each so that as the year progresses I know if I’m still on target to reach my goal.

That’s two resolutions made so far (albeit a little late perhaps), need to get my thinking cap on to see if I’m going to make any more…