I was in Woolworths on Saturday, their last day of trading and I must say it was a sad sight.

I’m not a big fan of the shop, it just didn’t grab me to be honest - I’m not sure why exactly but I would never have thought of going there to buy anything.  When I was younger there were a couple of shops I was interested in visiting - John Menzies and Woolies, however as time passed I realised Menzies had everything I wanted and so Woolworths drifted out of my life.

I don’t know if it was just me, but I thought the shops (at least the ones near me) were badly set out and a bit illogical.  There also seemed to be too much stuff in too little space.

Anyhow, they have gone now and although I wasn’t a customer I do think it sad that the name has gone from the High Street.

What was saddest of all though was the attitude of the people shopping there in the last few days.  They were like vultures picking scraps of meat from the carcass.  Even on Saturday, some had armfuls of items which were clearly only being bought because they were cheap - the reason they were still there  at all was because noone else wanted them, but by knocking 95% off the price Woolies ensured most if not all were gone by closing time.

As sad as it was for me to see, I can’t imagine what long-term staff must have thought as they watched this behaviour.  Where were these people before the closing down sale when Woolies needed them the most?