One of my resolutions this year was to try my best to read more books than I have lately.  The target is to get through 30 this year - just over one every two weeks or so which I reckon is possible.

I’ll be keeping a note here of each one I finish so I can keep track of how I’m getting on, though I won’t be reviewing each book as such (unless it’s a real cracker!).

The first book I’ve read this year is Double or Die by Charlie Higson.  It’s the third book in the Young Bond series (yes, I’ve tried to get off to a flying start by reading books aimed at youngsters!) and I found it to be a better read than the first two books, SilverFin and Blood Fever.

I’ve always been a fan of the Bond films and recently purchased a boxset of the original Ian Fleming books, so thought I’d give a bit of time to this series which aims to fill in some of the backstory to the English spy’s early life.

Double or Die is action-packed but also revolves around solving cryptic clues and the like which means there’s pretty much something there for everybody.

Although aimed at teenage boys, like the Harry Potter stories these books can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.  At least that’s what I tell myself as justification for me wanting to read them!

Bring on the next one…