Yes, it’s another of the Young Bond series - but they are a good read!

Hurricane Gold is the fourth of the series (my second of the year) and unfortunately is the second last one.  The lovely thing about reading a book from a few years ago is that undoubtedly the author has a bit of a back catalogue which you can read as quickly as you like - once you’ve caught up to date then it’s back to the boring spells in between as he writes something new.

So it is with these Young Bond books, I’ve read the whole series now over just a couple of months and I’d recommend them to anyone.  Bond in these books is not really like the one portrayed by Roger Moore or Sean Connery - he is but a schoolboy, albeit one who finds himself in all sorts of scrapes.  They are a really enjoyable read.

Having said that, Hurricane Gold didn’t catch me quite as much as Double or Die managed to.  There is plenty of action and adventure, perhaps reading them with a bit more time inbetween would have helped me get into it a bit more but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Next up is the last in the series, By Royal Command