The easy times are over, this is the last of the Young Bond books so tougher times lie ahead!

I’ve been reading these at quite a pace as they are relatively easy to speed through, but I’ve a feeling further updates on books finished may be spread a bit further apart.

By Royal Command is probably my favourite of the series.  Although it is the end as far as the series goes at the moment, I really hope Higson gets the go-ahead to continue.  Unlike Harry Potter, each novel is set over a couple of weeks rather than a complete school year so there is ample opportunity to churn out a good few books yet which hopefully they will do.

Whether the Ian Fleming Estate may want to head in a different direction and switch to another author for the next batch I’m not sure - in some ways it could be a good thing, but why mess with a winning formula?  Having said that, they are used to working with different directors for each of the Bond movies so it may be something they have intended doing all along.

Whatever happens, I’d highly recommend these books to anyone who likes an exciting and thrilling read, no matter what age you are!

I fancy reading something completely different after this, so next up is a book called The Birthing House - it’s a scary looking book so hopefully I’ll survive to tell the tale…